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NATSILC: Demand For Resignation From SILC Board

Posted by: Lou Diehl
Date Mailed: Wednesday, April 23rd 2003 07:43 AM

Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 00:52:59 EDT

From: (gambz)

Mark Twain once said, "There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies
and statistics."  The minutes of the February 12 meeting fall somewhere
between a lie and a damned lie and I demand that they be amended as
Nowhere in my comments did I speak about employment issues.  I spoke
hypothetically if this Council would be concerned if a CIL director, and
an ICOIL member, were to do several outrageous and in some cases illegal
things. Here are my original unabridged comments, directed to the council
at large at that meeting: 

Although I am currently a part-time employee of a CIL, I come to you
seeking advice not as a disgruntled employee, but as a concerned consumer. 

I have a few questions: 

Would the Council consider it a problem if CIL staff -- and, by
connection, consumers -- were actively discouraged from attending ICOIL
meetings by a CIL director, even on their own time? 

Would the Council consider it to be a problem if a Center Director
threatened to fire someone on his staff if they communicated in any way
with another Center Director or anyone they know? 

Would the Council consider it to be a problem if the Executive Director of
a Center repeatedly uttered blatant racist remarks toward specific ethnic
groups, such as stating in a meeting that Hispanic people are "the bottom
of the food chain" or that anoth er CIL Director "thinks 'Free Our
People'[one of ADAPT's slogans] refers to black people" and not people
with disabilities? 

Would the Council consider it to be a problem if a Center Director told
his staff that they weren't the ADA police and swore at and wrote up
[illegally] an employee for having the audacity to speak to a business
owner about ADA compliance? 

Would the Council consider it to be a problem if the majority of the
full-time staff at a Center are NOT people with disabilities, and people
with disabilities are relegated to part-time positions with no benefits,
even if they say they would like to work full time, and the part-timers
are denied reasonable accommodations with which to do their jobs, in clear
violation of the ADA, with the Director saying, "There's no money in the

Would the Council consider it a problem if the staff that are being paid
out of Chapter 2 program doesn't have a clue about what they're supposed
to be doing? 

Would the Council consider it a problem if full-time job opportunities at
a CIL are not posted or advertised, in violation of the Center's own 704
report, instead being given to hand-picked, unqualified individuals who
have no clue about what Independent Living really is? 

Forgive me if this is a matter better addressed by a CIL board, but would
the Council consider it a problem if staff paychecks were "held hostage"
for up to a week in some cases pending completion of paperwork for
anotherpay period that is technically not yet over, a clear invitation to

Would the Council find any of these things troublesome?  Just wondering... 
These are not accusations or allegations -- just questions that I feel
need to be asked. 

I demand that you amend the minutes to reflect something resembling the

Gary Gambino

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