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NATSILC: New Voice Writes To Feds About Indiana SILC

Posted by: Lou Diehl
Date Mailed: Wednesday, April 23rd 2003 07:12 AM

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 11:55:48 EDT

 SŃubj: letter to janette shell 
Date: 4/11/03 8:08:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
From: (Jackie Evans)

My name is Jackie Evans and I am an adult advocate for people with
disabilities with ATTIC. Inc. from Vincennes, IN.  I have been here for a
year and have attended every ICOIL meeting in Indianapolis.  Out of the
twelve meetings I have attended, five were without a quorum. This is a
six-hour drive for me, not to mention the expense of food and the time I
take away from the office. 

I attended these meetings with the intention of learning more of
independent living and the procedures that the committee will be choosing
to represent people with disabilities.  Instead, I have learned how to
open and shut a meeting (no quorum), how to call in security guards and
how to sit in the audience not being able to express my opinion or
concerns of our consumers instead listen to squabbles over who gets to go
to which conference. 

The last two meetings I have attended there has been no quorum. In March,
we were told that seven out of eleven have called around 10:30 a.m. and
said they would not be there.  You would think that all of them could not
of gotten sick just that day or they could of told someone the day before
so they could of called us and told us there would not be a quorum.  The
court reporter was not there, so they must of called him. The interpreters
were not called as they showed up.  Does ICOIL have that much of a budget
that they can just throw that money away?  I will be glad to give them my
mileage and Per Diem for each trip I make that doesn’t have a quorum. 

Then April 9th, no quorum. They said that they just learned that there
would be no quorum as they were expecting the fifth person to show up.
They opened the meeting at 1:02 and closed it at 1:03p.m.  I asked since
there was a rally going on here in Indianapolis, that we give this extra
person some more time, as she may have not been able to find a parking
space.  They all agreed on waiting ten extra minutes. Well I drove three
hours, I quess ten minutes is all I deserved.  At 1:13p.m.  Beth again
closed the meeting.  The court reporter was not there for this meeting
also.  How did he know there was no quorum at the last minute?  They did
vote on the reporter, I think, well sort of, I mean you never know what
they vote on, one minute its so, next minute its not?  Decisions are
really hard to come by when it comes to ICOIL. Again this is something
else I have learned. 

I feel that they do not tell us, so maybe we will get tired of it and not
show up anymore.  I enjoy these meetings as I am there for my consumers,
to let them know what their council is doing (as yet, I haven’t been
able to report much). I am feeling very frustrated with this situation.  I
thought ICOIL was supposed to address the needs of the consumers and be a
leader for systems change and disabilities issues? 

Jackie Evans-advocate-ATTIC.Inc

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