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Posted by: Maggie Shreve
Date Mailed: Monday, April 4th 1994 09:29 AM

[Reposted by the system administrator from SILC Newsgroup]

Some of you already know me and also know that I have been doing some 
training for SILCs in various states.  What I am finding, by and large, is
a fairly miserable picture -- SILCs are being easily manipulated by both 
state agencies (general and blind) and sometimes by individual center 
directors who are behaving in self-serving (and not very honest) ways.  I 
sure hope those of you out there who are reading this newsgroup are 
getting good solid training and organization development facilitation from
people rooted in independent living philosophy and practice.  If you don't
know who these people are, give me a ring or leave a note on DIMENET -- 
basically the folks doing this work right now are Bob Michaels, Gina 
McDonald, Bonnie O'Day (to some extent), June Isaacson Kailes, and me.  
Forgive me if I left someone oumeone out -- ohhhh, Paul Spooner, you are doing 
some work in this area too, aren't you?  Sorry.  Anyway, please get help 
if you need it or if you think your fellow SILC members need it.

Also, please send a letter to John Nelson at RSA in Washington, asking 
that the July 1st deadline for the first three-year plan under the new 
SILC-state designated unit joint authority be moved to July 1st, 1995, and
that each state submit another one year interim plan on July 1, 1994.  It 
will help your state and everyone else's if you do so.  Thanks.

For those who are interested, I have posted my personal comments on the 
proposed indicators for CIL compliance with standards on the RACTTA 
newsgroup.  My comments are slightly different from NCIL's.

Good luck with your SILC and keep the dialogue going.  I'm so pleased to 
see this newsgroup developing!
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