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Location of SILC

Posted by: Amy Rafferty
Date Mailed: Monday, April 4th 1994 09:28 AM

[Reposted by the system administrator from SILC Newsgroup]

In all likelihood, our SILC will be funded through a contract between our 
state agency and a private non-profit that has no inherent interest in its
work, that will operate as the "bookkeeper" and employer of record when 
the council hires staff.  However, our state agency is very supportive of 
getting the council re-directed per the amendments, and this arrangement 
might not work in a less positive atmosphere.  This kind of arrangement 
was used in Rhode Island several years ago for our CAP, when their funding
was still coming thru VR; and although the downside is lack of interest on
the part of the administering agency, it wasn't as bad as being part of an
uninterested state agency or office (even the Governor's office). 
This will probably continue until the council has staff that is 
experienced and comfortable with administering tistering the council's business and 
funds on their behalf, when it will be "safer" for the council to just 
have a conduit agency managing its money.
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