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Roland "Commander" Sykes
June 1st, 1953 - March 10th, 2008

Wizard, Bit Twiddler, Philosopher, Teacher, and most fun of all...
The Bus Driver for ADAPT
Photo: Roland Sykes

From: Ginger Berryman Thornton

The Roland Sykes I knew...

It has been many years since I last saw him.  The Big White Cloud was on its way into creation and we met in a parking lot in Dayton, as we both landed there for a day or so.  It was the first time I had seen him in 20 years,  Wright State and SIU were a long time ago and memories that were never forgotten.  I could wax phillosophical for hours on who he was, but anyone that knew him knew the sparkle, the laugh and the heart.  What he brought to my life has stayed for oh, these many years.  He taught me to fly, not just in a rented plane to my sister's for the weekend because we could, but on the wings of a future that he would help create.  He taught me to dance, no matter what, and never to let the attitude of can't be an option.  And mostly he opened my heart to know how to love and to hurt and to heal and to carry on...he never left my heart and never will.  I was glad to see him several years ago, and to know that his life carried on as he had always lived it, fully, completely and "cruis....ading" with the Cloud...

Ginger Berryman Thornton
Wright State Crip Corner Girl...

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