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Roland "Commander" Sykes
June 1st, 1953 - March 10th, 2008

Wizard, Bit Twiddler, Philosopher, Teacher, and most fun of all...
The Bus Driver for ADAPT
Photo: Roland Sykes

From: Alan Holdsworth - Johnny Crescendo

Very sad to hear this news.

Roland was a great friend and an imaginative activist. I will miss his humor. As part of his ministry he married me and Cassie in Columbus at the ADAPT action.and I traveled with him around the country on a tour once. He introduce me to the Art of war and we had great discussions. Roland was patient determined creative inspiring in the best sense of the word. Roland held your back better than anyone. He was a genius at computers and a true radical taking many times less than he gave. Money had no hold over him and he lived simply. Empowering others seemed to me to be his goal in everything he did.

I love you Roland and will miss you lots.

Johnny Crescendo

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