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Roland "Commander" Sykes
June 1st, 1953 - March 10th, 2008

Wizard, Bit Twiddler, Philosopher, Teacher, and most fun of all...
The Bus Driver for ADAPT
Photo: Roland Sykes

From: ADAPT National

This morning Roland Sykes passed on, after a long battle with cancer and other health issues.  If ever there was an ADAPT warrior moving on to Valhalla, it is Roland!  His strong, unwavering support for disability rights from the way back days to today was one of the mainstays of our movement.  He moved us forward with his promotion of the internet, DIMENET, virtual CILs and more.  His humor, passion for disability rights and persistence were wonderful additions to our discussions all through the disability community.  His behind the scenes support for ADAPT helped build and strengthen our network in countless ways.  The Big White Cloud (the bus) will remain a symbol of his mission and his ministry, and he will live on in those who loved him so well.


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