Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                      March 15, 1995


     I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family 
and friends of Ed Roberts. I had the honor of meeting with 
him to celebrate the third anniversary of the Americans with
Disabilities Act two years ago.

     As an international leader and educator in the independent 
living and disability rights movements, he fought throughout 
his life to enable all persons with disabilities to fully
participate in mainstream society. Mr. Roberts was truly a 
pioneer: he was the first student with significant disabilities 
to attend U.C. Berkeley; he was the founder of the first
independent living center; he was the first California State 
Director of Rehabilitation with a disability; and he was 
co-founder and President of the World Institute on Disability. 
His vision and ability to bring people together should be an 
example for all Americans.

In response to many inquiries, here's the Ed Roberts Memorial 
Services information.

                 World Institute on Disability
                        510 - 16th Street
                   Oakland, California 94612
                      Voice (510)763-4100
                       TTY (510)208-9493
                       Fax (510)763-4109

Ed's body will be cremated this week. Memorial services on 
Sunday, March 19 from 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. at Harmon Gymnasium on 
the U.C. Berkeley campus, on Dana just north of Bancroft (across 
the street from the Alumni House.)  The front entrance to the gym 
is ramped.  Parking available in the U.C. underground garage
(enter on Bancroft just west of Telegraph), in U.C. fee lots at 
Dana and Durant, Fulton and Bancroft, and Channing and Ellsworth, 
in the City of Berkeley parking garage on Durant just west of 
Telegraph, and in church parking lots in the area.

These services will be co-hosted by WID and the University, 
catering of refreshments by the University.  WID will be 
producing a memorial booklet.

There will be a Memorial Endowment Fund established at WID 
in cooperation with Ed's family.  The fund's earnings will be 
used to continue Ed's work and (quite likely) to assure Ed's 
son Lee's education.

If there are letters of condolence for Ed's son Lee Roberts 
they can be addressed to him c/o WID or to his home address:

        22190 Robin Way
        Palo Cedro, CA 96073

If there are letters of condolence for Ed's mother Zona
they can be addressed to her c/o WID or to her home address:

        3135 Eton Avenue (off Claremont)
        Berkeley 94705

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