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Multicultural and rural inclusion on web

Posted by: Jamal Mazrui
Date Mailed: Saturday, August 2nd 1997 08:12 PM

Empowerment Zone ( now has a
collection of electronic text resources on the subject of
multicultural and rural inclusion.  One can find this collection by
selecting the appropriate link in the table of contents near the
beginning of the front page.  The site's search engine, available
as the second link on the page, allows one to search for files
based on one or more terms within their content.  One can also
locate a particular file by using the search feature of a web
browser to find a phrase in its description below.

I welcome suggestions for materials or links to add to this
collection.  Currently, the following 16 resources may be viewed
online or downloaded:

* The Black Experience in America by Norman Coombs

*  Culturally Sensitive Rehabilitation, published by the National
Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

*  Self-Employment as a Vocational Rehabilitation Employment
Outcome in Rural and Urban Areas, published by the University of

*  Creative Options for Rural Employment:  A Beginning, published
by the Shepherd Spinal Center

*  Meeting the Unique Needs of Minorities with Disabilities,
published by the National Council on Disability

*  A National Study of Participation Levels of African Americans in
the Profession of Blindness Service, published by Mississippi State

*  An Examination of the Impact of Federally Supported Community
Services and Educational Systems on Underserved People with
Disabilities from Diverse Cultural Populations, published by
Howard University

*  Enhancing Outcomes among African Americans and Latinos with
Disabilities through Empowerment and Support, published by
Howard University

*  Howard University 1997 Sourcebook for Access to Multicultural
Federal Programs

*  DOWNLOAD Collection of federal publications in Spanish from the
Consumer Information Center

*  Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS)

*  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

*  American Indian Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

*  Howard University Research and Training Center on Access to
Rehabilitation and Economic Opportunity (HURTC)

*  Native American Research and Training Center (NARTC) 

*  Rehabilitation Research and Training Center of the Pacific

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