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Welcome to dev-access!

Sponsored by: Jamal Mazrui, 74444.1076@CompuServe.COM and Jeffrey Turner,

This automated email list will +facilitate discussion and information exchange concerning the accessibility of software development mechanisms to persons with disabilities. As information technology rapidly advances and permeates society, we see a need for steps throughout its development to include technical participation by engineers and testers with disabilities. The dev-access list is intended to address such questions as the following:

What software development packages are accessible by means of alternative input or output (audio, braille, dictation, etc.)?

What programming editors, designers, and compilers work well with particular adaptive configurations?

How can system tools and productivity applications be developed with principles of universal design, promoting maximum usability by individuals with various strengths and limitations?

How can adoption of accessible developer environments and end-user products be encouraged within private corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies?

What opportunities for advocacy are currently available for promoting accessible development tools and environments, and what are the most effective methods for that advocacy?

We invite software developers and users with and without disabilities to join this unmoderated list, whatever the operating system or hardware platform of interest. New subscribers are encouraged to post a message of introduction about their background and interests. List "lurkers" are also welcome!

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