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MVD Endorses Harshbarger

Posted by: Fred Fay
Date Mailed: Friday, October 30th 1998 10:15 PM

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Dear Fellow Voter with a Disability,

On behalf of the Massachusetts Voters with Disabilities, I am writing to 
ask that you cast your vote for Scott Harshbarger for Governor and Warren 
Tolman for Lieutenant Governor on November 3rd.  Both candidates have 
consistently supported the rights of persons with disabilities throughout 
their careers.  They have demonstrated this commitment not just with 
words, but with their actions.

As Attorney General of Massachusetts, Scott Harshbarger:

* Founded the Disability Rights Project within his Civil Rights Division
* Achieved a major settlement with MCI requiring substantial improvements 
in the operations of the Massachusetts Relay Service
* Obtained a sweeping nationwide settlement against almost 1700 Wendy's 
restaurants to remedy architectural inaccessibility as part of first ever 
state-federal disability rights Task Force; and
* Successfully defended the right of people with disabilities such as 
AIDS, psychiatric and/or developmental disabilities, to live in the 
community of their choice.

As a member of the Massachusetts State Senate, Warren Tolman:

* Was the chief sponsor of the recently passed Home Modification legislation,
* Was a sponsor of the Braille Literacy Bill, and
* Has been a strong and consistent supporter of DMR, supporting funds for 
the Turning 22 program, seeking salary increases for direct care workers, 
and fighting for reduced waiting lists.

As we enter the next millennium, we must make sure that all citizens are 
able to participate equally in our society.  We need political leaders 
who understand that all people regardless of ability or disability 
deserve their civil rights and the services they need to live independent 
and productive lives.  I am certain that Scott Harshbarger and Warren 
Tolman are two such leaders.

Through the years, both of these candidates have demonstrated unwavering 
commitment to supporting our issues and us.  Now it is time for us to 
support them.  Massachusetts Voters with Disabilities are pleased to 
endorse this great team.  I ask you on November 3rd to cast your votes 
for Scott Harshbarger and Warren Tolman.

Fred Fay
Massachusetts Voters with Disabilities 

P.S. This is a very close race where every vote counts.  Please get your 
friends and relatives to vote for Scott and Warren, as well.

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