Actions Around the World

The Disability Rights Revolution is happening all over the world AND RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD. YOU are a vital part of the ACTION! Direct action and confrontational tactics are our most potent weapon for social reform. This Newsgroup/WEB page will publish your tales of public demonstrations, street theater, civil disobedience, other direct forms of advocacy AND RELATED INFORMATION.

Support your Brothers and Sisters worldwide in the struggle. Tell them how you have battled, retrenched, and ultimately triumphed in your ongoing, local fight for equal access to transportation, housing, telecommunications, health care and more.

To share your war stories, you can:

1) post them directly from your DIMENET account to the newsgroup dnet.actions Visit the DIMENET Home Page.


2) send them as E-mail

Information must be received in TEXT FORMAT ONLY with line lengths of 70 characters or less. The DIMENET newsgroup moderator reserves the right to reject items submitted for publication.

The Revolution is LIVE! It will not be televised!

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